Mar 22, 2017

Fashion enthusiasts seem to be searching for distinct products that have their own story to tell. Search no more! We have found five emerging fashion brands that have exceptional stories to tell. We are impatient to introduce these hidden gems to our growing community. Indeed, Anderos is constantly searching for authentic brands, filled with meaning, to offer to their clients. These five emerging fashion brands will make for good conversation as well as attract the attention we sit there secretly craving.

Klokers - Revolutionize your travels through time

This fairly new French brand moved away from traditional Swiss watchmaking and found a new way to tell time! Moreover, Klokers fought for their genius idea on Kickstarter and managed to fire up their line of watches - reaching their first goal in just eight minutes!
Their new design allows us to travel through time without the use of a dial - instead they use three scales and circular disks that slide through each other, each at a different speed. Everyone is falling under the spell of this hypnotic way of telling time. This brand tells the story of an instant revolution. Inspired by measuring devices used by pilots, Klokers is raising the bar by bringing a simple wrist accessory way above any already existing time telling.

REC Watches - Recovering, recycling, reclaiming

REC Watches is a new Danish men’s watch brand. It all began in 2014. The concept consists in salvaging old car materials sporting the title of Mustang, Porsche and Mini Cooper to create brand new timepieces that are unique and that capture the essence of all the materials used to put them together. Hence, these watches become the storytellers of the cars’ adventure.
Each watch comes with a story that has rolled hundreds of thousands of kilometers all over Europe and North America. 
The REC Watches creation process is divided into three steps: recovering, recycling, reclaiming. As the brand mentions: “petrol heads and watch fanatics to the bone, our ambition with REC Watches is to transform those passions into truly unique timepieces.”


Entre 2 Retros - Restore and recreate your passion for cars

Speaking of recreation, Entre 2 Rétros is the French brand of a lifetime - so to speak. “Virginie Nantas lived in the car industry for a long time, starting from a father and grandfather's flourishing businesses.” After having worked in big companies, she decided to venture out on her own. She was fascinated by the car fabrics, so strong and well designed, and thought something could be done from the left overs of the factories.
Her brand - inspired by the 50s and 60s, aims to give a second life to car fabrics meant to go to the trash. These materials are turned into distinguished and well designed everyday
bags for men who have a passion for cars. Just like REC Watches, this brand also oversees many different steps - 30 to be precise, in order to recycle and recreate these car materials. Imagine wearing the art of performance or the ultimate driving machine on your wrist; this is what distinguishes the brand from all others.

bag for men

Bausele - Take a piece of Australia with you wherever you go

Christophe Hoppe, expert in watchmaking, worked for years in Switzerland before he decided to leave everything behind to live on the other side of the world in Australia. He had the crazy dream of creating the first brand of Australian luxury watch for men with the know-how of Swiss watchmaker.
Shout-out to all Australian tourists who have beautiful memories of that road trip that was taken down those endless deserted red sandy roads. You can spend time attempting to put together jaw-dropping visuals of your exotic getaway - or stick to Bausele, who promises to let you take the extraordinary Australia with you. Indeed, a Bausele timepiece is made up of some of the most unique australian elements - including red earth from the Australian outback, sand from one of Australia’s beautiful beaches. When you can't bring yourself to these exotic locations, bring them to you.

bauseles watches for men

Nialaya - Discovering a fashion brand from across the ocean

Nialaya was founded by Danish fashion designer Jannik Olander, in 2009. It is an American based company, in Los Angeles, California to be exact. After having traveled to a coastal city in India, Olander met a local shaman named Nialaya. Deciding to base his jewelry line on the concept of spirituality and energy healing, Olander named his brand after the infamous shaman. Specialized in handcrafted men’s jewelry,
Nialaya promises distinguished and unique pieces made out of the most exotic elements that will add that modern and classy touch to any outfit: hand-braided leather, fine diamonds and semi-precious flat beads. Each of these elements is brought back from one of the creator’s many worldwide adventures - some of them said to have their own distinct healing powers.
Nialaya promises to bring many different styles of exotic materials straight to your doorstep. Most importantly though, Jannik Olander sees the importance in giving back to all of the individuals he crossed paths with during his adventures. He has started a collection - The Sarnelli House Collection, which benefits the children taken in by this house.

Choosing your one stop shop the right way

For all of your future gatherings, get togethers or public appearances, be sure to show off pieces and brands whose stories showcase your own. Anderos is the perfect spot to find all of these new fashion brands that will be sure to grab any individual’s attention (or at least the ones with a good sense of style). This is the one secret we hope won’t stay between us - this secret deserves to be shared with everyone you know!

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