Apr 28, 2017

About a decade ago, men’s fashion blogs were harder to come across. In our day and age, sorting through all of the existing blogs and online magazines can take forever. This is why we’ve carefully assembled a list of 5 inspiring blogs that we hope you will bookmark and use for your own personal inspiration!

Effortless Gent

The fashion world can sometimes seem a little blurry from a distance... What sets this blog apart from all others is its content. Effortless Gent gives tangible examples on how to incorporate fashion tips into your daily routine. If you're looking for quick-fixes and easy to follow guides, look no further, Effortless Gent does it best!

Where looking stylish seems effortless!

He Spoke Style

This blog is still considered to be a fairly new one - fresh on the market! Although, it has definitely lived up to its name. The Style Guide, as well as the Required Reading section, are definitely two elements that distinguish this blog from many others. Finally, the imagery used on the website really makes it stand out.

Shout out to Bryan for a job well done!

Articles of Style

This online blog was created by a dream team of three fashion aficionados. Calling all fashion-forward gentlemen: this is the blog you’ll want to consult for all of your stylistic inquiries! The website is also very user-friendly, as well as ergonomic. Interesting fact: there is a profile section that is used to highlight different fashion influencers, their opinions and ideas, through their Instagram accounts.

Team Style for the win!

The Gentleman Blogger

We have Matthew Zorpas, creative consultant in the UK, to thank for bringing this fashion blog to life. Zorpas uses this platform in the hopes of inspiring others to try new styles, visit new places and taste new things! This blogger pushes his audience to step out of their comfort zone.

Gentlemen, we tip our hats off to you!

Permanent Style

This one is a real gem - originating from the UK. For all of your brand searches and fashion trend alerts - look no further, Permanent Style is the blog for you! Permanent Style is biggest site of its kind in the country, and the second-largest around the globe, with its elaborate and organised content.

Fashion fades, style is eternal.

Top menswear blogs exposed!

The exposure of these menswear blogs coupled with the Anderos online magazine has now completed your fashion toolbox. Time to search, read and absorb all of that trendy knowledge!

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