Apr 20, 2017

From roses to daffodils, hydrangeas to lilies and orchids, floral prints have become one of this season’s biggest menswear trends. Although, the question remains: can these flowers really take root in a man’s wardrobe?

Opt for solid colours

Thomas Merrigan, menswear writer at Oxblood & Wolf, said: “Florals have seen a strong comeback this year but they take some guts to pull off. Avoid partnering with other prints, opt for solid colours from the pattern for any accompanying garment. If you're looking to experiment with floral, before going full blown floral shirt, try adding an accent with a pocket square or a tie first.”. The objective is to choose pieces and patterns that will compliment each other, rather than create the illusion of a national zoo on the outfit you are sporting.

Settle for micro-print florals

For those who prefer a more subtle approach, micro-print florals happen to be a discreet way of capturing this trend in all of its glory. Taking oversized blossoms down a notch will certainly make an outfit easier to work with. This way you can dress it up, or dress it down. The choice is yours. Keep one thing in mind, quality often trumps quantity.

Accessories versus full on floral outfits

If a full on floral outfit scares you, you can always stick to blooming accessories. Add colourful pocket squares, printed scarves, and exotic leather bags to your list. There are countless ways of adding that spring allure to an outfit by simply pairing it up with a few floral or printed accessories. Even the most subtle prints can liven up an outfit.

Final floral pattern words

Anderos is reaching out to its fast-growing community. Do you have examples of floral outfits you wish to share with us? Have you already incorporated them into your daily dressing routine? Feel free to share your ideas with us!

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