Apr 13, 2017

Not knowing what to wear… Story of our lives! In normal circumstances, this doesn’t have to become a big dilemma. However, festive events call for exceptional outfits. Because Easter takes place during the beginning of spring, it is often symbolised by images of new life. Likewise, Easter attire usually calls forth spring-like styles, colours and patterns. But how about those other moments that require just as much preparation… Impressing the in-laws, preventing chocolate stains? Luckily we have a few Easter outfit tips to help out those in need!

Impressing the in-laws

Navigating the challenges of impressing your in-laws is a particular challenge - a tricky task, some would say. You want to be on top of your game, especially during those special occasions. This Easter, make sure you wear something classy without necessarily overdressing. A cute sports jacket paired up with the right pair of sneakers and an accessory or two can help you step up your Easter game at the in-laws.

Handling chocolate stains

So we all know that Easter is a synonym of chocolate, in all of its forms: chocolate eggs, chocolate bars, chocolate buns, and we can go on… Of course, our main piece of advice is to avoid stains in the first place. But when all else fails, you want to be wearing a piece of garment that helps cover up those nasty, sticky stains. Our suggestion: avoid wearing light pastel colours, as they often become chocolate’s safe-haven. Replace these light tones with darker shades that will blend in with any minor imperfection.

Egg hunt egg-citement

Easter is the perfect time to spend time with our families and loved ones. It is a celebration that is especially enjoyed by children. So if you have a children-filled family, chances are you will need to be prepared for an extra special egg hunt. In order to keep up with all of that young energy, bending over forwards, as well as backwards, jumping and maybe even running will be required. This means you'll have to be wearing something comfortable that will permit you to move around freely.

Mastering the Easter fashion challenge

Now run along, time to go buy all of those last minute essentials - you know, chocolate, eggs, bunnies. With your dressing affairs in order, we guarantee that this year’s Easter will be a good one.  

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