Jun 16, 2017

Unlike most industries, the fashion industry is one that is very upbeat and offers a multitude of events and activities to take part in. I want us to take a look at the concept of the fashion week. I mean we’ve all heard of it, but few of us truly know what it entails. A fashion week, you guessed it, is a fashion industry event which lasts approximately one week. During this event, fashion designers, brands, as well as “houses” can showcase their latest collections on the various runway shows, to buyers and the media. This type of event will influence upcoming seasonal trends. The most influential and well-known fashion weeks usually take place in the four main fashion capitals of the world, ie. Paris, London, New-York, and Milan. As the industry has been expanding its horizons and playing a more important role on the cultural scene, events like these are being welcomed in many more cities, such as Madrid, Rome, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Berlin. Anderos has decided to cover three fashion weeks over the course of the summer: the London Fashion Week, the Milano Moda Uomo Week, as well as the Mode Paris Week.

Early beginnings

Before moving forward with these three fashion shows, I think it’s important for everyone to receive a history crash course on the subject. So, how exactly did fashion shows make their entry into the apparel industry? Back in the day, designers used to show off their designs through sketches. After their outfit was completed, it would be modeled on dummies and wooden dolls. These were the means used to circulate upcoming styles and trends. In the early 1900s, Charles Worth, a British couturier in Paris, came up with the concept of live mannequins, who would walk down an actual runway, showing off any given creation. Throughout the years, these runway shows became a new platform for product promotion. Of course, nothing is ever constant in fashion, but designers use these shows to keep spreading awareness to their target audiences!

London Fashion Week

The London Fashion Week occurred between Thursday, June 8th and Monday, June 12th. May different designers were present, such as Selfnation, Christys, Stephen Webster and Enlist. Indeed, the Designer Showrooms are home to more than 150 British as well as international designers. All of the decoration and layout that make up these showrooms, all stem from the idea of London opening its doors to the world! Of the four fashion capitals, London is the only city which integrates the use of showrooms, in the exact same venue as the British Fashion Council. This being one of the main elements which distinguish this event from all the others. You may be wondering how exactly an event like this one will benefit all these brands and designers? Thankfully the London Fashion Week explains to us all of its benefits and advantages:

Showcasing in the Designer Showrooms allows brands to develop relationships with globally influential stores and helps to increase their exposure to top international journalists, publications, and stylists. In addition to this, designers will also gain access to seasonal press and buyer accreditation lists and access to the BFC’s Designer Support program, which includes one-to-one business advice and seminars.” - LFW

Milano Moda Uomo

The Milano Moda Uomo is another fashion week which will be taking place between Friday, June 16th and Tuesday, June 20th. This event, like most fashion events, also occurs twice a year (in January and in June). During the Milan fashion week, there are more than 100 fashions shows which take place and 1000 foreign journalists, as well as 1000 buyers that make up the guest list. This fashion show is a prestigious exhibition, organised by the Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana. It has built an excellent international reputation and is eagerly awaited every time because really, it represents the culmination of fashion trends for men. As for Anderos, we are planning to follow the influencers that are taking part in this event, so that we can share a variety of different photos, videos and live streaming, with our community.

Mode Paris

The Mode Paris fashion week is the last summer fashion week in which Anderos will be participating in. It will be taking place between Wednesday, June 21st and Sunday, June 25th. Mode Paris is a much more upscale fashion event, showcasing brands like Dior, Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Mode Paris has also partnered up with many known companies, ie. Mercedes, L’Oréal and Lavazza coffee. Historically speaking, this event aimed mainly to preserve Paris’ position as the world capital of fashion design. Every year, in January and July, Paris hosts some 30 Haute Couture fashion shows and 40 men’s wear shows. The Paris fashion week is organised by a well-known institution:

“A unique quality of The Fédération Française de la Couture, du Prêt-à-Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode is that its membership includes non-French companies from countries including Japan, Italy, Belgium, Chinese, Korean, etc. This mix reflects the growing globalisation of fashion.” - Mode Paris

Fashion week wrap-up

Well, now that it’s all out in the open, I think it’s safe to say that these fashion events are guaranteed to keep us all up and running for quite a while. Anderos is pleased to be covering these three fashion weeks in the best way possible. We promise to offer quality content to our community. So, even if you don’t necessarily have the opportunity to be front row, you can definitely catch a glimpse of everything that is going on and be a part of these different fashion communities in your own way.  

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