Jun 07, 2017

Father’s Day can turn into a rather complicated holiday to celebrate, in terms of gift exchanges… Well, for me anyways. Finding the perfect gift for one of the most important people in your life has proven to be quite the difficult task. The question remains, what do you get for someone who already has everything (or almost!)? Tough one huh. To top it off, sometimes fathers can give out mixed signals. I’ll explain.

 I believe that there are two types of fathers: those who tell you not to get them anything for Father’s Day and actually mean it, and those who say the same thing, but are simply trying to be polite. A word of advice to all of the fathers out there: stop trying to be nice - you’re making your children’s lives more difficult! Plus, either way, I don’t think it’s a subject that is debatable. Children will always want to get their fathers a little something, as a token of their love and appreciation. This being said, allow me to suggest some items that can be of interest when preparing the perfect gift for the occasion.

Tried-and-true gift: the necktie

The necktie has a double meaning. It represents the greatest form of sartorial freedom, and yet it is often associated with work duties, as well as office job restraints. Thankfully, over the years fashion-forward men had rediscovered the necktie and associated to their sense of adventure, their appetite for fashion and style, and the elegant appearance they wish to maintain. There is also a variety of dignified knots that deserve to be mentioned and presented. Interesting fact: “In February of last year, a group of mathematicians announced that there are 177,000 ways to tie a necktie; and that we could reach the Moon and back several times with the ones we already have.” Some of these knots also have rather humorous names; take the three-move Oriental, for instance, or even the the nine-move Balthus. I do admit, a necktie is a pretty standard gift. I mean, it’s nothing that is really out of the ordinary. Although, keep in mind that even though neckties may seem like a pretty standard gift, in reality, they are so much more than that. If they are chosen with the right amount of love and care, the can become one of the most personalised gifts, you can give your father.   

There is no time like the present

Often, when people speak to me about the vintage watches they own, they don’t really mention any of their technical functions. The story behind the wristwatch is what really matters. Where it came from, who gave it to them, for what occasion. A watch is an accessory that is usually one of the top three greatest material gifts a man will receive. Why? Because a timepiece is timeless; it can last you a lifetime. It can also be a very personal thought, from one individual to another. There’s also the fact that it can be passed on from generation to generation. For instance, even if you buy someone a car, this piece of machinery will not last forever. So yes, the car may be more expensive than the watch, but it also doesn’t hold the same meaning or sentimental value. Recently, there has been a new trend going around: Birth year watches. Basically, people will browse around for watches from the same birth year as the person they wish to gift the timepiece too. These can become some pretty pricey gifts, all depending on the brands you find. Anything for our fathers though, right?

Shoe love - true love

Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change someone’s life. Yes, I know, Cinderella was a girl, but that glass slipper also changed her prince charming’s life - so you see there is hope for all of us! No, but seriously, why choose between pragmatism and indulgence? With shoes, you can do both! They can be both practical and luxurious. It’s also a known fact that shoes will solve 99% of your wardrobe malfunctions. I mean since everyone dresses from the feet up (or is that just me?), a good pair of shoes also means good fashion inspiration.  Problem solved! Finally, we mustn't forget that shoes are also an accessory that can be matched with a variety of different attires. So, you aren’t just giving your dad a one time use gift. The truth is, you are gifting him with a world of new options and possibilities. And in my opinion, that’s a damn cute taught!

Happy Father’s Day!

Despite the mixed signals and all of the other difficulties that come along with such a beautiful holiday, Anderos is offering you a variety of different accessories that just might be the solution to put all of your worries to rest. Neckties, wristwatches and shoes; three gift ideas that are guaranteed to put a permanent smile on your father’s face. So next time you end up in a squabble with your beloved dad, he’ll think of that special Father’s day gift he received and spare you the long lectures (okay maybe not). But hey, you are still sure to make his special day an unforgettable one! And really, what more can you ask for.


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