Jan 19, 2017

Fashion is temporary and expensive. Style is timeless and affordable.” But what exactly is style? It’s something you create, something that belongs to you. But does it define you? It can, at least partially. Even though style is personal, that doesn’t mean you should run around in red polka dotted boxers and green checkered rainboots (unless you're in the comfort of your own home and aren’t impairing anyone’s vision).

Life is full of unwritten rules, such as the fashion must haves for any given gentleman. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these must haves.

 Black Derby Shoes - First Fashion Must Have 

You know how they say all women need that one perfect little black dress in their closet? Think of Black Derbies as the equivalent for men. Sure, blue suede or camel brown would have been some pretty trendy choices. But black is like the Hollywood of America, it trumps all of it’s competition. You can match these babies with pretty much anything, from a simple pair of dark wash jeans to a classic pair of black trousers. So walk around with your head held high and own your Derbies!

Black Derbies


Classic Suede Leather Sneakers

Casual, classy and comfy. These Hacter sneakers are everything your feet have ever dreamed of. Combining style with comfort, this pair is sure to take you from the daily wear and tear of walking the city streets to a night out in town. After all, isn’t it every man’s dream to take on life outside the gym with that same athletic swag? That’s right, women aren’t the only ones who get lost in those famous window reflections. You’ve been spotted.






The Ideal Time Teller

Nowadays with all of this new technology, we have all of the information we need at the tip of our fingers, including time. So why spend money on a fancy watch? Because watches aren’t solemnly used to tell time, silly. A watch like the Oceanmoon II makes a statement: I can not only tell time, I can do it with poise and style. And who doesn’t like a man that's just as fashion forward as he is well-informed?

Classy Watch


A Chic & Sassy Card Holder

A wallet can be heavy to carry around all day long. It can take a toll on that back pocket. How to alleviate that extra weight, all the while keeping your essentials with you. We’ve come up with the perfect solution: a card holder! But not just any card holder, you deserve far more. Why not opt for that rugged manly exterior look, with a colorful inner lining. The best of both worlds. And yes, we are still talking about the card holder.

Card Holder

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 All in all

We think it’s safe to say that even the smallest accessory can have a pretty big impact on any given outfit. Be smart about your purchases, even the ones that can seem to be irrelevant at a certain point in time (trust me, they usually aren’t!). Still here? Time to close this webpage and revamp that wardrobe!


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