May 11, 2017

With the arrival of spring and summer knocking at our doors - granted, the weather hasn’t been very cooperative lately, sneakers still remain a necessity in order to travel with style and especially in comfort. However, not every common mortal knows how to pull them off. No need to worry, Anderos is here to help!

Socks or no socks?

That is the infamous question. You’ve all heard of that ridiculous sandals and socks combo. The one that puts an outfit to shame. What is great about sneakers is that they provide you with the option of sporting them with ankle socks or with simple bare skin. The choice is yours! However, we recommend you stay away from long socks, especially when sporting a pair of summer shorts. Legs deserve the chance to be shown off - yes even a man’s legs!

Playing with colour pallets

The good thing about purchasing sneakers is that you aim to find a pair that will fit with a multitude of outfits - comfort always comes first, or almost! Neutral colours usually get the job done. Although, a splash of colour never hurt anyone. Sneakers that stand out a little are what can add that extra spice to an outfit. They simply need to be paired up the right way. When sporting a pair of coloured sneakers, we suggest you opt for a toned down outfit. It’s just a matter of creating an equilibrium.

Dress up or dress down?

There’s a myth that’s been going around implying that sneakers are nothing but over-glamorized tennis accessories. This monstrosity has to stop! Sneakers can be used for casual wear as much as they can be used for more formal outfits. Ever heard of the jacket and the trousers paired up with sneakers. Well, there you have it, combining comfort with classiness.

Life is short, just buy the damn sneakers!

If you had any doubts before reading this article, those moments of hesitation should have fluttered away by now - every single one of them! A pair of quality sneakers is a great spring and summer accessory if you know how to wear them. You now have all of the necessary tips and tools to make interesting purchases, and most importantly smart choices when it comes to that special pair of sneakers sitting on your shoe rack.

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