Oct 03, 2016

The bow tie is considered to be a timeless accessory in a man’s wardrobe. However, this accessory seemed to have not been too popular in younger generations because it is too “old school” or it is hard to wear. Lately, there has been a lot of change in the bow tie department since fashion creators found a way to give it a second life by creating wooden bow ties.

Wood is trendy at the moment and it helped reinvent the old-fashioned bow tie. Today, bow ties do not only appeal to necktie wearers, but also to traditional bow ties enthusiasts. 

The wooden bow tie trend started in 2012, the exact year when a lot of startups in the world got into activity. 



 You think that the wooden bow tie is only for dandies and hipsters? Think again! Every man looking for an original accessory to add to their outfit should try out wooden bow ties.

Entirely made of wood or mixed with another material such as leather or fabric, you will definitely find a bow tie that can meet your expectations. Worn with a suit or with a smart casual outfit, the wooden bow tie can accessorize a lot of different styles.  



To show off your wooden bow tie, there is nothing better than a chic and sleek shirt. This allows you to spice up a plain outfit, even if you are wearing clothes that look strict.

smart casual outfit, the wooden bow tie can accessorize a lot of different styles.  

 A relaxed jacket will perfectly match with a wooden bow tie. You can also pair it with a suit jacket for more professional or special occasions.  


You can also match your wooden bow tie with a statement pattern shirt. Striped or checkered, your shirt can be easily paired with different types of bow ties styles, whether you are going for a soft or bold look.  

However, avoid the “clown look” by mixing too many shapes and colours. Go bold but keep things simple! 

Wooden bow ties can be worn by men of all ages. Even necktie wearers have started adopting this new generation of bow ties, which show off a sense of modernity and trendiness. 




The wooden bow tie has a lot of other advantages that you might enjoy. For a reasonable price, you can splurge on an accessory with a significant life span. Wood is a noble and natural material, which helps create durable and eco-friendly accessories.

With regular care, your wooden bow tie will stay with you for a long time. To maintain it, forget the washing machine. Instead, use a damp cloth with no cleaning product. After that, you can put a little bit of wood oil or beeswax, which will help nourish the wood to keep its shine.

Convinced? Keep in mind that there are a lot of different wooden bow tie models and endless ways to pair them with outfits. You can choose it according to the type of wood, the shape, the assorted fabric… This way, you are sure to have a unique accessory adapted to your personality. 

Are you ready to start wearing bow ties?

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