Jan 13, 2017

We’ve all committed that one fashion faux-pas, that to this day still makes us cringe. The problem here is that we only ever realize our faux-pas once we’ve left the house, once we are amidst a crowd of people… Once we’ve reached the point of no return. The idea is to be able to spot these “mistakes” before-hand so we can all avoid them and save ourselves the embarrassment that comes along with them! Here is the break-down.

Avoid over-accessorizing

Who said that accessories and jewelry were only meant for women? Pairing up the right accessories with a man’s outfit can do wonders to his overall appearance. Every man should have a chance at looking like Ryan Gosling or Brad Pitt, right? Always aim for greatness. But sometimes too much is like not enough. We often associate quantity to quality. WRONG! Those extra bracelets, rings and cufflinks can become a heavy burden to carry around. After all, as Da Vinci once said “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”

Dress for your body-type

Just like women, men also have different body-types. Now these body-types have names, such as the average build, the rectangle, the triangle and the inverted triangle. We could spend hours talking about what type of clothes and accessories will flatter your body shape. The fact of the matter is that many factors come into play, such as color pallets, patterns, shapes and sizes. It almost sounds like a science. But what it really comes down to is taking a good look in the mirror, realizing what your physical assets are and highlighting them with pride!

man in a suit

Avoid mixing patterns

Patterns can really bring an outfit to life, anything from plaid, to stripes, polka dots or even checkers. The trick is to avoid wearing them all simultaneously… We’re back to square one, that famous association between quantity and quality. Patterns can be a part of your actual outfit, in which case you’ll probably want to mellow it all down in your choice of accessories. The opposite is also true. If you’ve put together a rather low-key outfit, patterned accessories can always help bring it to life a little more.

Color-coordinating your suits and shoes

We’ve all bumped into that one guy who’s trendy, stylish, who walks around looking so put together in the most effortless way …. Until we catch a glimpse of his shoes. Different colors work with different leather textures. Color can truly transform an outfit from top to bottom. Again, this isn’t rocket science. Meet your new best friend: your mirror. That and maybe the opinion of those around you (the ones with a good sense of style!).

color matching

Any last words?

These were just a couple of fashion faux-pas on our list. There are many more to be on the lookout for. We welcome any other ideas or suggestions, if it will save us all some of our most embarrassing moments. Are there any fashion no-no’s you’ve recently come across? Don’t be shy, give us the 411.

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