Feb 23, 2017

Society is full of unwritten rules and unspoken taboos. What about guys who feel iffy about sporting some accessories? Should they truly be feeling this way? There are a handful of accessories that would help spiff up any average outfit, such as bracelets. Can you wear one and still feel masculine? Of course you can! Don’t get us wrong, bracelets aren’t a necessity - you can definitely get through life without one, but it’s important to keep your options open.

Broad metal brands

Let’s take a look at the  Silver U-Double 13 bracelet - This bicolour silver bangle adjusts easily to the shape of your wrist. Probably the most upscale type of bracelet for men. You will want to wear this one with your sleeves rolled up - or maybe just a touch shorter than usual. If your looking to make a bold statement without all those extra fringes and unnecessary bangles - the U-double is definitely the right match for you!

silver bracelet

String and rope cords

How about this Mykonos Collection beauty which is crafted by hand from a strong 100% nylon string and finished with a 925 sterling silver drawstring lock. With its matte onyx and black diamond finish, this bracelet represents simplicity at its best. We think it’s safe to say, it’s probably not the most appropriate bracelet to wear to your next board meeting, but in a more relaxed setting this one’s a winner! Its quirky and creative feel can be paired up with almost any casual outfit.


Skulls and scorpions

So here, we’re thinking skulls, darker rhinestones and curled scorpion motifs that give that “badass” look, for the rebellious man in you that’s ready to rise. Nialaya’s Men’s Beaded Bracelet With Silver Skulls is the more discrete version of this style - for those who are afraid of making heavy fashion statements. But really, it’s all about the flare and the attitude you wear those skulls with - in the end, that’s what will make or break your outfit!


Bracelets - to wear or not to wear ?

At the end of the day, a bracelet does what every other piece of jewelry does to an outfit - it adds detail to it and gives it that extra flare. What’s important is how your outfits make you feel. Some like it golden, others prefer braided strands of color - to each their own. That being said, we have to admit Anderos offers the cream of the crop in men’s accessories.

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