Dec 05, 2016

Around 1650 in France, ties became famous after King Louis XIII saw them on Croatian mercenaries’ necks. Later, during the reign of Louis XIV, everyone in the Court of the King dressed their ties with lace and ribbons. Over the years, ties have become an essential fashion accessory, not just a social marker. Wearing a tie is good, but wearing it properly tied is better. There are several ways to make a tie knot and different models to choose from, depending on the occasion, your mood or your style. In this infographic, the four most common ways to tie a tie are: the simple tie knot and its Onassis variant, the double tie knot, the Windsor and the Half Windsor knots. Good to know: There are other less conventional types of tie knots, such as the Eldredge knot, the Atlantic or the Ascot knot. Those are harder to wear because of their singularity, but also more difficult to tie. Anderos will tell you all about it very soon.


So, which tie knot will you choose today?

how tie a tie

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