Dietrich was founded in 2010 by the french designer Emmanuel Dietrich. He has been creator and developer of wristwatches for the most famous watchmaking brands since 1993. He then decided to launch his own brand combining the notions of “body” and “time” in his watches. He wanted to give them an organic dimension and a strong personality. Dietrich also pays great attention to comfort, ergonomics and user’s experience, aiming to create real life companions.


Dietrich watches are the result of a quest for the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicability. The aim of the brand is to offer the best comfort and design so that the watch becomes an essential in our daily life.

For this, Dietrich offers a new concept of an organic watch which can become an extension of the human body, a living presence that measures our time. It is indeed a reassuring object that becomes a faithful companion every hour of the day.


 Dietrich offers different models of watches that improve in appearance and comfort with every new model. For example, the O.Time (third development of Dietrich) illustrates the humanistic approach of time with a sensual aesthetics.

The brand also brings an innovative concept of “lace-through” straps. This sort of customizable watchband allows you to change your watch style according to your mood or outfit. More flexible, it offers a far better comfort than the usual bracelets attached mechanically to your watch. Dietrich possess a large selection of straps to fulfill any kind of style desire.

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