Founded in 1994 by Virginie Nantas, Entre 2 Rétros offers bags and accessories with upcycled car fabric such as key hangers, purse, bags, computer bags or traveling bags. Inspired from the racing car industry of the 50's and the 60's, Entre 2 Rétros gives a second life to car fabrics meant to go to the garbage. Entre 2 Rétros products have an artisanal quality production that will last you a long time.


Entre 2 Rétros finds its inspiration from the automobile universe in the 50s and 60s to create high-end accessories for men with a retro but trendy style. Unique in its own way, the brand gives a second life to fabrics and other automobile materials to produce high-end fashion products. The company adheres to the era of responsible consumption and ecological conscience.


Giving a second life to fabrics meant to go to the garbage is the concept of upcycling. The creators of Entre 2 Rétros directly pick up the leather of unused cars and the security belts from factories in order to avoid them to thrown be away and pollute the environment. All product are handmade in an artisanal workshop, where human and work rights are key values of the brand. Eco-friendly and well-made, all products are made of materials selected with care. Each season, the brand offers a unique collection with exclusive pieces. This voluntary choice to limit the collection allows to not waste any natural resources and energy. Fashion enthusiasts who like preppy or Upper East Side sports looks can finish off their look with retro and eco-friendly bags.