Converted architect, Virginie founded Féron Paris in 2013 devoting herself to her passion for shoes. She used the concept of androgyny, launching a multisexe trend in the same collection for men and women. It follows the European tradition while reinterpreting classics with a pronounced liking for sober colors and reflective materials.


Virginie, DPLG architect, redirected herself to the market of shoes with Féron Paris to reach her ideal of a multisexe collection. For that, she attended several internships in the Maurice Arnoult workshop, specialized in handmade bootmaking, and finished her formation in the Institut Colbert de Cholet in Paris. Féron Paris address to women and men alike with it quality models, their timelessness, their minimalist lines, refined and sophisticated.


Féron Paris is a both chic and urban brand, rock and soft. It’s inspired by the city, the music and the art but it’s also a bit rebel and different. It has a lot of personalities, similar to the creator image. It follows the modern concept of androgyny while conserving the classic European models. It stands out with the personalized details while keeping the sober colors. In definitive, Féron Paris offers a diversified range of quality products addressed to a large public. The brand also possesses a collection of polos and T-shirts to complete our look.



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