frond anderos


Founded in 1930 by Robert Gontier, Frandi is a little leather goods shop specialized in the production of wallets, bags, and other leather accessories. The products quality and the renewing of the product line are based on the long-term experience in handmade gained by Frandi. The experience of the three previous generations allowed improving the treatment methods of the different types of leather and colors.


Family enterprise, Frandi aims principally the product quality and the constant search of news product lines. For that goal, it uses rigorous handmade techniques gained within years and it selects carefully the leather among its French, Italian and Spanish providers. Frandi also offers a good after-sales service to ensure the client satisfaction. But most of all, Frandi is a transmission of passion. As said by Benjamin Gontier : “For three generations, we transmitted the passion of a career and the love of the quality products”.


Offering over 10 sorts of leather quality, Frandi has a complete range to fulfill every trend and every style. It also offers a great variety of colors, from the most classic to the most acidulous. The brand products wallets of all types, bags and leather accessories for men and women. There is a great diversity of models and colors for each of the products. Made in France, Frandi products are distributed in different sell points in France but also in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey and Japan.