Established in 1889 by M. François Bayon, a military tailor, l'Aiglon started by crafting innovative men's belt. The name, l'Aiglon, is in memory of Napoléon II, for whom the creator had a lot of admiration. A 100 years later, Dominique Vigin gets a hold of l'Aiglon and propels the brand to an international status. Adding to the belts, the company decided to diversify its offer by proposing a large selection of leather goods. In 2009, l'Aiglon celebrates its 120 years anniversary by opening its first shop in Paris.


L’Aiglon has existed for over 125 years. Without a doubt, it is a brand rich in history that went through time with intelligence and innovation. The secret for its longevity resides in the brand’s capacity to adapt to trends and customer’s tastes throughout time. Innovation is part of the brand development. In 2009, L’Aiglon celebrated its 120th birthday with the opening of its first store in Paris.


With its workshop and shop in the heart of Paris, L’Aiglon finds its inspiration in the beauty of the city and the style of its citizens. L’Aiglon is based on its designer’s creativity meeting French expertise. Each accessory is made by hand by passionate and seasoned craftsmen. Clean, functional and timeless, L’Aiglon offers high quality accessories and designs that evolve through time. Its leather goods collection offers bag with clean lines meant for active city men. A large range of accessories is also offered, with crocodile leather suspenders, veal leather Ipad sleeves or real leather cufflinks.



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