Nialaya was founded by Danish fashion designer, Jannik Olander in 2009. It is an american based company, Los Angeles, California to be exact. After having traveled to à coastal city in India, Olander met à local shaman named Nialaya. Deciding to base his jewelry line on the concept of spirituality and energy healing, Olander named his brand after the infamous shaman.


The exquisite collection

The Nialaya brand now includes hand-braided leather bracelets, precious and semi-precious flat bead bracelets, exotic stingray bracelets, the Skyfall Collection for women, rings for men and women, and the brand's iconic beaded bracelets in variety of stone and color combinations. The company has also recently come up with à new collection of high end 14K gold jewelry line, also made out of fine diamonds. What differentiates Nialaya from your standard jewelry line is the absence of mass production - each and every piece is unique and hand-crafted with care.

Fast growing brand

Olander started off by selling his creations to local Beverly Hills boutiques - this is where they caught the eye of many infamous figures. A year later, Nialaya’s online boutique was launched. The fast growing brand was so successful - its creator decided to open up their first prominent store location in Los Angeles - 8215 Melrose Avenue. Now present in over 90 different countries and in 300 of the world’s most renowned jewelry stores, Nialaya continues to promise style, quality and luxury to their expanding community.