The first Ralf Tech watch was created and worn by Mr. Pascal Bernabe, on July 5th 2005. He was on à mission - the world's deepest unassisted dive. Mr. Bernabe claimed that all of his equipment malfunctioned, except for the one Ralf Tech watch he wore on his wrist. Since then, these time tellers have become man’s greatest ally during his most treacherous adventures.


Brand values

What makes Ralf Tech a distinguished brand is first and foremost its unique design. Bernabe’s designs were never destined to the mass market. Proof of this - all of his creations are sold to dedicated horology stores as opposed to your standard department or jewelry store. The brand is represented by its four core values: Authenticity, innovation, experience and independence.

A closer look at the products

Ralf Tech presents to their customers three very unique collections: the WR1 - the 1 stands for “the first collection”, the WRV - “the V stands for vintage” and the WRX - where the X stands for extreme”.  Made out of à quartz system, water resistant with à brushed steel case -all three hybrid collections have à different style but offer that same promise of support and quality especially during your times of need.