Tapatia combine the authentic Mexican craftsmanship with a modern and classy style.

Tapatia’s goods are entirely handcrafted within leather workshops in Mexico. They work with family-run workshops where the experience and knowledge passed down with passion from one generation to the next.

The process

The development of these products require multiple steps and many hours of work. Workers begin by designing their products from A to Z. They proceed by cutting out their designs and engraving them on leather materials. We mustn't forget the importance of leather perforation, the weaving and the sewing. As the last warm markings are made, the product can finally be assembled.

International influence

With its south american, as well as european influence, this brand carries around à mix of different cultural traditions and values. Hence, Tapatia caters to à variety of consumers, all having  different needs and tastes. This has permitted the brand to broaden its targeted audience.