Founded in London in 2015 by David Touitou, Toui2 is a brand of bracelets. Simple, chic, easy to wear and made for a daily use. Combined with masculine and feminine codes, these bracelets are the perfect accessory to complete any look. The brand is imprinted with timelessness and the creator doesn't sign his bracelets to allow those who wear them to appropriate them.


David Touitou left France, his birth country, in 2003 and undertook a long journey from Marrakech to Bangkok and London. He became interested in the world of fashion and used the knowledge he learned from the cultures he had discovered. He then decided to launch his bracelets brand. Toui2 is simple and easy to wear but it is also chic and a beautiful accessory for a daily use.


Toui2 insist in the simplicity of its products, presenting them as comfortable accessories which can be combined with any type of clothes in any type of situation. Discrete but chic, they are indeed a beautiful detail to complete any style. They are available in different kinds of shape and color, offering a large choice for men and women. They also come wrapped in an original metallic capsule. The original combination of the masculine and feminine codes in Toui2 make the bracelets naturally required to the daily lifestyle. Indeed, full of the knowledge acquired during his travels, David Touitou created the perfect accessory to add a chic touch to our looks.




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