Ullys is a French brand that is inspired by the mythology universe. The brand takes its roots in the antic universe to offer a modern and timeless journey. Craftsman with expert hands are in charge of building the accessories. Each item has a unique history, coming straight from the myth.


Ullys is inspired by antic mythology to offer timeless and historical products. Adrien and Maxime, the brand creators, built a unique universe around Ulysse, a greek mythology hero. Their odyssey is only starting and they wish to offer to men elegant accessories made with a unique knowledge. Centered around the blue color and mythological inspiration, the brand delivers French refinement and an exciting story.


Because elegance is not only about appearance, Ullys is engaged for others. The brand fights to offer access to clean water around the world. More than a billion people still do not have access to this essential resource. Ullys gives back a part of its benefice to Aequalia, an NGO that works to give clean water in places where they don’t usually have access. As the brand founders say, being a modern man today doesn’t only mean to take care of your look, but to be responsible et defend strong values. In an ethical point of view, Ullys accessories are exclusively made in France and in Italy, out of quality materials.



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