The french creator Alexis Théry, founder of Ursul, was looking to reconcile man with jewellery. For that purpose, he founded Ursul in Paris in 2006 and offered contemporary jewelry, both elegant and sober. It plays with contrasts of materials and textures: leather and metal, soft and firm, matt and gloss. Ursul collaborates with French artisans with the expertise of luxury leather goods of the highest tradition to get the best quality leather products.


Ursul’s jewelry accessories and belts are composed of two different materials of high quality: metal and leather. They also use steel, an extremely hard metal that does not oxidate easily. They give it a color of silver, gold, gun and black by following a very strong physical process that ensures a long life for bracelets or belts offered by the brand. Silver is the perfect material for precious metal jewelry. It can be processed to obtain a high gloss white or a plated black. Ursul also offers colors like golden, ruddy yellow and pink. This colors can be associated with any style.


The leathers offered by Ursul are high quality. The leathers are selected with great care and handled by the best French craftsmen for an exceptional result. Those vegetable tanned leathers are entirely “Made in France” and the products finishing touches are handmade to ensure their quality and durability.

It is by offering high quality products and well-designed collection that Ursul became one of the most fashionable accessories suppliers. It has seduced customers in several capitals of fashion all around the world: Paris, New York, Tokyo and Berlin.


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